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Tom Dixon Pylon Chairs

May 10, 2017
The first batch of Flux-made Tom Dixon Pylon Chairs have gone out - they were shown at Milan Furniture Week. Also featured in some brilliant films on the Tom Dixon website.

James made the first of the Pylon furniture for Tom Dixon about 25 years ago. Now they have returned to our workshop. The return of the Pylon Chair to Flux has been in the works for a while, but now the redesign process is complete and the first batch has been finished and sent out. Tom Dixon took them to the Milan Furniture Week, for which videos were made of the manufacturing process of both the Pylon Chair and the S Chair.

Both videos are available to watch over on the Tom Dixon Website:

Click here for Tom Dixon making the Pylon Chair.

Click here for James making the S Chair.

Posted by: Flux Admin